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The three videos below were made on Feb. 21, 2010. Nationally-known cookbook author and food writer Lorna Sass interviews Lisa Rayner in these videos. In the fourth video, Lisa briefly gives tips on how to make and can peach jam.

In the first video (below), Lisa talks about how she became a vegetarian in high school. She later worked for Farm Sanctuary taking undercover videos in Pennsylvania stockyards. This made her a vegan. She also talks about her early effort to write a cookbook based on foods that grow well at high elevation. Finding a word-processor in a dumpster was a big help to creating the first edition of her book, Growing Food in the Southwest Mountains (now in its third edition). She also talks about how she got interested in baking sourdough bread. She explains the feeding schedule for her sourdough starter and shows off her Lehman's grain grinder.

In the second video (below), Lisa explains what the word "permaculture" means. She lists some of the cool season crops that grow well at high elevation. She touches on the history of farming in Flagstaff. She explains the importance of composting and talks about the challenges of large-scale composting. She also talks about her sustainable living ethic and how this plays out in her daily life.

In the third video (below), Lisa shows off her solar cooker and talks about cooking times under various weather conditions. She also explains how her pressure cooker, in conjunction with her insulated box cooker, can be used to save energy even when the weather does not allow her to use her solar cooker. She also talks about her current effort to complete a book about home canning. 

In the video below, Lisa Rayner gives tips on how to make peach jam,
and how to preserve it with water-bath canning.

In the video below, Lisa Rayner demonstrates how to knead dough for sourdough bread.

Contact: Team (at) LisaRayner (dot) com, 3201 Zafarano C 445, Santa Fe, NM 87507

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