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Solar cooking   

Permaculture in Arizona

"Ecological Collapse, Trauma Theory and Permaculture," by Lisa Rayner

"Transition culture, social tolerance and moral courage: why permaculture activists must work for human rights and social justice," by Lisa Rayner

Native Seeds/SEARCH

Rainwater Harvesting for Drylands (Brad Lancaster)

Seeds Trust/High Altitude Gardens

Flagstaff, AZ Resources

Flagstaff Community Market (summer farmer's market)
Flagstaff Community Supported Agriculture project

Flagstaff Foodlink/Flagstaff Youth Gardens

Friends of Flagstaff's Future

Santa Fe, NM Resources

Reunity Resources (Organic farm, market and compost center)

Santa Fe Farmers Market

Plants of the Southwest (Native Plant Nursery)

Sourdough & other fermentations (tempeh, yogurt, miso, etc.)

Country Living Grain Mills

Cultures for Health

G.E.M. Cultures

Hand Print Press (Sells Build Your Own Earth Oven & more) 

King Arthur Flour


Sourdoughs International

Wild Fermentation


Cooperative Extension "Ask an Expert"

National Center for Home Food Preservation

Vegan philosophy, nutrition & cooking

American Vegan Society


Post Punk Kitchen

The Vegan Chef


CarryaBigSticker Sells liberal bumper stickers and magnets.


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