These photos reflect Lisa Rayner's former life in Flagstaff, Ariz. In 2016 Lisa moved to Santa Fe, NM.

Below: Lisa with a Sun OvenTM solar cooker on a south-facing townhome balcony. Because Flagstaff can be a very windy place, the Sun OvenTM is attached to a homemade Lazy Susan with bungee cords. The Lazy Susan is attached to the camping table, which is attached to the balcony with more bungee cords.

Lisa Rayner with Sun Oven on her balcony.   Sun Oven on Lisa Rayner's balcony.
Below: Lisa participates in a solar cooking demonstration at the Flagstaff Community Market. Also: Solar cooking pioneer Barbara Prosser Kerr shows Lisa her solar wall oven at her home, which is also the Kerr-Cole Sustainable Living Center, in Taylor, Arizona.
Lisa Rayner at the Flagstaff Community Market. Barbara Kerr outside her home demonstrating solar oven.
Below: Lisa was formerly the coordinator for Juniper Street Community Garden in Flagstaff.
Juniper St. Community Garden in Flagstaff, Arizona. Lisa Rayner at Juniper St. Community Garden in Flagstaff, Arizona.
Below: Lisa's kitchen. In this very small space, Lisa cans jam, salsa, pickles and other foods, grinds her own flour, bakes sourdough bread, makes soymilk and tofu, ferments sauerkraut and Korean kim chee, and more. The solar cooker is located just a few feet away on the balcony. The fruit crumble in the black roasting pan was solar-baked.
Lisa Rayner in her kitchen showing off some of the fruits of her labors, like canned jammed, bread and fruit crumble. A counter in Lisa Rayner's kitchen displays a bread, fruit and a pumpkin. A counter in Lisa Rayner's kitchen displays a pumpkin, bread and fruit crumble.
Lisa Rayner in her kitchen grinding grain for bread. Racks filled with Lisa's canned jams and other canned goods.
Below: Lisa is also a spinner and weaver. Here she is seen wearing a rag jacket woven from scraps of commercial cotton fabric left over from 25 years of sewing projects. The Japanese recycle old kimonos this way, calling the practice sakiori. Also: Lisa's Mermaid Scarf, which has been featured on the cover of "Handwoven" magazine. 
Lisa Rayner shows off her hand-made rag jacket as her cat Pablo looks on in the background. Lisa Rayner's Mermaid scarf, which appeared on the cover of Hand Woven magazine. 
Below: Lisa's cats, Sasha and Pablo. Lisa could not get any work done without them.
Lisa Rayner's cats, Pablo and Sasha. Lisa Rayner's cats Pablo and Sasha hiding in a cupboard with canning jars.  Lisa Rayner writing as her cat Pablo nibbles on her pen.