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Wild Bread
Hand-baked sourdough artisan breads in your own kitchen

Who is Lisa Rayner
Table of contents
What is Sourdough?
Wild Bread - Handbaked sourdough artisan breads in your own kitchen $16.95 plus shipping.
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  Book Cover "Wild Bread - Handbaked sourdough artisan breads in your own kitchen"

Wild Bread - Hand-baked sourdough artisan breads in your own kitchen
By Lisa Rayner
Copyright (c) 2009
Printed on 100% recycled paper in Santa Fe, NM.
170 pages. 8 1/2 inches by 7 inches. Color cover, black and white illustrations, comb binding.
$16.95 + $3 shipping
ISBN 978-0-9800608-1-2  




    Wild Bread is much more than just another bread cookbook

    Have you ever wanted to bake San Francisco sourdough, crusty French artisan loaves, dense Russian ryes, Italian ciabatta, Indian naan, pita bread, great homemade pizza crusts, soft whole wheat sandwich bread, bagels, sweet doughs, Ethiopian injera crêpes and much more?

    This book explores what goes on inside dough as it is transformed from water, flour, wild yeast and probiotic bacteria into the kind of bread that makes your mouth water. You may never be satisfied with ordinary bread again. Once you learn what factors affect aroma, flavor, shape, crust and crumb, you too will be transformed — into an artisan. Wild Bread encourages your creativity and provides the basic principles you need to bake any bread you desire without needing a recipe. Wild bread also explores baking bread sustainably in solar cookers and wood-fired earth ovens.

    Wild Bread teaches you how to make authentic whole grain sourdough artisan breads that are easy to knead by hand and make in the variable temperatures and humidities of an ordinary kitchen.

    • Part I explains the science and care of sourdough ecosystems, including how to capture your own sourdough culture from the air and where to buy authentic cultures from around the world.
    • Part II explains how to make bread, including how to grind your own wholegrain flours and bake artisan-style breads in a home oven.
    • Part III contains instructions for making a variety of artisan loaves, flatbreads, pan breads, batter breads, sweet rolls and more—from wheat, rye and gluten-free whole grain flours.
    • Part IV introduces you to the world of sustainable bread baking, with an exploration of energy-efficient solar cookers and wood-fired earth and brick ovens.
    • Part V contains a variety of information to improve your bread baking, including commercial sources for authentic sourdough culture, bread troubleshooting tips, sources for sustainably-produced grains and flours, and books and DVDs on sourdough and artisan bread baking.

    One of the most highly rated sourdough bread books published in the last ten years according to reviewers on Amazon.com!

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    "Highly recommended for personal, family, and community library cookbook collections." - The Midwest Book Review

    "One of the Best! A MUST HAVE for every serious bread enthusiast! ...To be perfectly honest, I did not have high expectations especially because I (like many others) have an inordinate fondness for full color splashy photographs, rich paper and enticing ad copy. The promise of simple binding, a few drawings and an unknown author didn't seem promising.  To my great surprise, this book QUICKLY went to the top of my "must keep" list. The reading is engaging, very enjoyable with a pleasant conversational style. The drawings - while not full color photogaphs - are equally interesting and truly add a great touch...but, the Real value of this book is the content and information contained. It's absolutely packed full of relevant content about bread-making...without a doubt this book has more information than almost all the other books I bought including the highly ranked books by Peter Rheinhart and Richard Bertinet...in fact, this book contained nearly everything in both of those books COMBINED plus much more. ..." (Five stars out of five) - JavaJunki Top 100 Amazon Reviewer

    "Your book is wonderful!  I am so thankful to find a book that is more in line with our values than what is available on the mass market!  Plus I would much rather support authors who are independently publishing or otherwise operating outside of the system.
    " - Julie, Cultures for Health
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Contact: Team (at) LisaRayner (dot) com, 3201 Zafarano C 445, Santa Fe, NM 87507

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