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The Mermaid Scarf Pattern & the Freeform Overshot Technique

Who is Lisa Rayner
The Mermaid Scarf Pattern & the Freeform Overshot Technique (Downloadable PDF)      
The Mermaid Scarf Pattern & the Freeform Overshot Technique (Color Paper Copy 
Free Shipping!)      

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The Mermaid Scarf Pattern & the Freeform Overshot Technique 

20-page Booklet By Lisa Rayner

I wove my Mermaid Scarf on my 25-inch-wide Schacht Flip rigid heddle loom.

Handwoven magazine published my short article on my Mermaid Scarf and put the scarf on the magazine cover of the Nov./Dec. 2015 issue.

Handwoven Magazine Cover featuring Mermaid Scarf.Do you wish you could weave fabric with complex Jacquard-like patterns? Do you like tapestry motifs, but want to weave wearable, drapeable cloth? You can weave such fabrics on any loom, from rigid heddle looms, backstrap looms, and even full size inkle looms, to simple shaft looms, multishaft table and floor looms, and dobby looms using the freeform overshot technique.


This booklet contains:

  • Close-up photographs of the back of my Mermaid Scarf showing design detail.

  • A description of my creative process and reinventing freeform overshot.

  • A detailed, easy-to-follow description of how to weave a Mermaid-style scarf.

  • Excerpts and photographs from blog posts I wrote while I was weaving the scarf.

  • Directions on how to apply the freeform overshot technique to any weaving project.

  • Photographs of freeform overshot scarves and comments from five other weavers.

  • How to use weaving software to design freeform overshot patterns.

  • How to weave freeform overshot-style patterns on a dobby loom.

    Reading this eBooklet requires Adobe Acrobat Reader 8.0 or newer.

    The Interweave Press chart for the first yellow spiral on my version of the scarf can be downloaded for free here.

    Samplings from the booklet:
    Lisa Rayner holding Handwoven Magazine. Sample page. Mermaid scarf on loom.
    Mermaid scarf by Lisa Rayner. Mermaid Scarf in progress.

Contact: Team (at) LisaRayner (dot) com, 3201 Zafarano C 445, Santa Fe, NM 87507

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